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Handcrafted Luxury Gel Mattresses

A good night's sleep recharges us for whatever adventurous pursuits we have planned for tomorrow. Whether you're planning to climb a mountain, run a meeting, or to take a toddler to the grocery store, you're going to need all the energy you can muster to conquer another day. At Restava, we believe that hard-working, hard-playing, and sometimes hard-living Americans deserve to have a comfortable mattress at a comfortable price.

The Latest Gel Mattress Technology

We've read the industry reports and, more importantly, listened to our customers - and while memory foam mattresses had significantly higher customer satisfaction rates than any other type mattress, some people thought they slept a little too hot. That's why we're happy to say our new Cool-Comfort Gel™ mattresses sleep a full 4 degrees cooler than traditional memory foam mattresses and even 2 degrees cooler than other gel brands. That's comfort you 

Highest Quality Brings Affordable Luxury

At Restava, we're an American-owned company with American workers and American suppliers. All of our foams bear the CertiPUR-US seal of approval. We work hard and charge a fair price for what we (and many of our customers) believe is among the finest mattresses you can buy. Review our specifications and compare, we're confident you will not find a better mattress value anywhere.

From our high density gel memory foam to our luxury covers, we employ 4 generations of mattress-making experience and use the finest high organic content memory foam to craft mattresses that will help recharge you night after night. You deserve nothing less.

The Best Mattress Guarantee Available Anywhere

At Restava Luxury Mattresses we want everyone to be completely satisfied so we offer a 90 night, fully-refundable, comfort sleep trial. You don't even pay return shipping costs or re-stocking fees. You pay nothing. Kind of makes it an easy mattress buying decision don't you think? Only exception to this trial is our entry level Monoco mattress model because we wanted to make sure all Americans, even the least of budgets, could afford a luxury gel memory foam mattress. We're so confident of our mattresses that after the sleep trial we offer warranties up to 25 years on our mattresses.


Three Mattress Collections to Choose From


The RestaPedic Gel Mattress Collection

Here you'll find uncompromising attention to detail at prices for most every budget. These quilted mattresses include exquisite "Tack & Jump" covers with organic cotton quilting and rich golden edge craftsmanship.  A spectacular value for any budget. In The RestaPedic Gel Mattress Collection we suggest the Regina Gel Mattress for terrific value and comfort. 

Made in USA Gel Mattress Quality Detail

    The Caress Gel Mattress Collection

    This collection features smooth, custom embroidered covers that are extra thick and completely anti-microbial. Beauty and design you'll only find for many times the cost. We suggest the crowning gem of the Caress Gel Collection in The Pearl Gel Mattress. The Pearl features 3" of gel memory foam, the addition of 1" of orthopedic firming foam, & 3" of "XF" support foam for added support. 

    Tempurpedic Comparable in The Pearl Gel Mattress

      The Restava Luxury Collection

      If you're looking for amazing luxury in a gel mattress The Restava Collection is for you. Here you'll find amazing attention to detail in what you'd hope to find in a higher priced luxury mattress. The embroidered cover quilted gel, reinforced with RestEdge™ side support, with the most amount of gel, memory foam, & support foam on the market today is what others charge thousands of $s more for. Think of it as our gift to you. Below you'll see our #1 selling mattress in this collection, The Astoria.

      Tempur Cloud Luxe Comfort Made in USA Gel Mattress Prices


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