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Thursday, November 29, 2012

5 Health Benefits of an Adjustable Base

Deluxe Restava Adjustable Base

5 Health Benefits of an Adjustable Base

Restava not only manufactures high-quality, American-made memory foam mattresses, we also offer a line of adjustable bases for your mattress. Adjustable bases allow you to retain an ergonomically correct position while you sleep by following the natural curvature of your spine. Adjustable based bedding has several advantages over a normal bedding base and should be considered an investment in your health and happiness!
5 Health Benefits from Adjustable Bases:

  • Increased Circulation – By elevating your torso and relieving pressure on your body, blood will be able to flow more smoothly as you sleep. With the distributed pressure from an adjustable base your heart will be able to pump blood through your body with more ease throughout the night.
  • Improved Breathing – By keeping your upper body elevated, it allows your respiratory system to work as you sleep under less pressure.
  • Reduced Acid Reflux – With your head and torso elevated, it becomes much more difficult for acid to leave your stomach and enter your esophagus.
  • Reduced Pain in knees, feet, ankles, and lower back – The adjustable base will take pressure off of your legs as you sleep which can reduce aches and pains that you feel in your legs.
  • Decreased Asthma- The adjustable base elevates your head and torso as you sleep; therefore, pressure is taken off of your lungs and could result in milder symptoms if you suffer from asthma.

What health benefits have you found from your adjustable bedding?

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