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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What's So Great About GEL-Infused Memory Foam?

Hand Pressing on Memory Foam

How is GEL-Infused Memory Foam different than Memory Foam? Are there any additional features of GEL-Infused Memory Foam? Does GEL-Infused Memory Foam lead to a cooler sleep? Let’s look at all these questions as we compare our Gel-Infused Memory Foam with traditional Memory Foam.

Memory Foam is created by adding gas into a polymer matrix, creating an open-cell solid structure that matches pressure applied to it, yet regains its original shape over time. Memory Foam is used in everything from wheelchairs and prosthetic limbs to car seats and safety helmets. Memory Foam mattresses and mattress pads can relieve aches and pains caused by pressure that occurs while sleeping. The Memory Foam contours to the shape of your body, allowing a more even distribution of pressure that leads to longer and better sleep.

Benefits of Memory Foam:

  • Memory Foam conforms to your body and provides support of your spine and joints and eliminates pressure points that occur while sleeping.
  • Our Memory Foam increases the maximum length and quality of your sleep.
  • Memory Foam is resistant to motion transfer allowing you to have a restful sleep even if someone else is tossing and turning.
  • Memory Foam mattresses help to insure that the spine is properly aligned while sleeping.
  • Restava Mattresses feature a 20 year warranty.


Memory Foam can have an enormous impact on your energy and mood, and our Gel-Infused Memory Foam takes those benefits further. Gel-Infused Memory Foam is measurably cooler than first generation Memory Foam and provides superior support, pressure relief and tensile strength.

Benefits of GEL-Infused Memory Foam:

  • GEL-Infused Memory Foam includes all the benefits of traditional memory foam.
  • Air flow is increased by allowing the air to escape leading to a cooler sleep.
  • The GEL provides balanced support so that you don’t sink too deep or shallow as you sleep.

Are you using GEL-Infused Memory Foam? Have you found any differences in the quality of your sleep?

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