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What makes a memory foam mattress gel?

A memory foam mattress has done wonders for our comfortable sleeping but the next step is a gel memory foam mattress.

What is a gel mattress?

A gel mattress is a shortened version of the term ‘gel memory foam mattress.’ This next generation of a memory foam mattress was developed because conventional memory foam, even tempurpedic like mattresses, simply slept too hot for many sleepers.

Memory foam is poured into blocks before it’s sized for your sleeping pleasure. When ‘gel’ is added to the mixture the ability for the foam to keep you cooler is enhanced and less heat is trapped in the mattress. This increased ‘breathing’ ability gives the sleeper relief keeping them cozy yet not too hot.

Are all gel mattresses created equal?


All gel mattresses are not created equal. A couple points you need to look out for before investing in a gel mattress.

Where’s the gel? A gel mattress is considered the hot term (smile) recently so many are just throwing in some gel thinking you won’t know the difference. Demand an overview of what’s in this gel mattress. If the gel layer is not located closest to your body it’s serving no purpose at all, just a reason to charge you more.

What’s the gel? Have you ever heard of gel beads? Gel beads are used by other manufacturers to say they have a gel mattress, but it can bring big problems. We’ve heard complaints of the beads being uncomfortable and even shaking out or falling out of the foam after only a few months of sleeping on them. With Restava Luxury Mattresses the gel is infused into every mattress uniformly through the memory foam.

Do I need a gel mattress?

If you’ve ever experienced back pain, aches, and even pressure points after a night on your current mattress you might want a gel mattress. If you find yourself getting hot in bed a gel mattress might bring the temperature down a few degrees.

The wonderful thing about a gel mattress is that you stay cozy and comfortable and only for those that get hot does the mattress get a little cooler. The science of a gel mattress provides all the pressure relieving characteristics of a memory foam mattress without the heat.

What is the best gel mattress?

Don’t be fooled here! There is no best gel mattress because everyone is not the same. What some may like others may not.

A Restava Luxury Mattress comes highly recommended and rated. Our most popular models include the value Westin Gel Mattress, the popular Pearl Gel Mattress, and the exquisite luxury of the Ravelli Gel Mattress.

Compare a Restava to Tempurpedic and maybe you’ll find a Restava is the best gel mattress for your comfort, support, & budget.  

Custom made in the USA fresh to order a Restava is the choice for many. Click or call one of our Mattress Professionals, 877-737-8282 for a free consultation.


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Posted on February 14, 2014 by Restava Luxury Mattress